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Comparison with the Panamera GTS

Hi all,

I am curently looking to purchase a new daily driver and have recently registered on this forum as the Ghibli is of interest. Btw your inputs are very valuable for which I thank all of you.

Have test driven a Ghibli S with the sports package yesterday and have to admit I was very impressed with the car. Was initially a bit sceptical after reading some of the posts regarding issues the car has but at the end of the day it is really enjoyable.

I test drove a Panamera GTS immediatly after the Ghibli and below are some of my comments on how both cars compare. Please note I am a bit Porsche fan, having owned 3 cars so far including my current GT3.

- Power: the Panamera felt more powerful although at lower speed/gears the Ghibli was more exciting to drive. Probably a case of N/A versus TT power delivery or torque as the Panamera (driven in sport plus) is I believe more powerful on paper. The end result is, if you are looking for a joyful and exciting drive while remaining in road legal territory, the Ghibli is the better choice.

- Interior: both cars are very luxurious and the Panamera is really impressive but somehow it was a bit too much. The configuration of the cockpit and the numerous buttons made me feel I was flying a plane. The Panamera is also a strict 4 seater which is not ideal if you have 3 kids. Ghibli wins again (note the car had no issues and I am only making a judgement based on my initial impressions).

-Exterior: I like both cars. Both cars have better front then back but one thing that is increasingly annoying with Porsche is the constant facelifts and model changes. The Panamera just got a facelift and is therefore likely to experience serious changes in about 3 years. The Ghibli is likely to remain close to what it looks today which is a plus. Ghibli wins again.

-Handling: Could not really explore the handling of the Ghibli but the Panamera is amazing and very planted in high speed corners. This being said, I felt I was driving a smaller and nimbler car when I test drove the Ghibli. It felt more like a sports car although the Panamera GTS would be the fastest around a track. Driving the GTS on the road gave me the impression I was driving a much bigger car than the Ghibli which I did not enjoy. Ghibli wins again.

-Engine noise: Again both cars are really impressive but somehow I preferred the sound of the Ghibli.

-Gear box: PDK wins.

-Price: Ghibli wins as the GTS costs nearly double the price.

As a consequence, it is highly likely I will take the plunge and join you guys as a ghibli owner!
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I would agree with most of that.
I also do not like the modern Porsche interior, however, my Porsche (Cayenne) interior design, fit and finish is better than my Ghibli. I do not have the extended leather option on my Ghibli and that might swing things in the direction of the Ghibli though.

There's no contest on the overall styling Porsche vs. Ghibli. The Panamera IMO is a mess and the Ghibli is classy and classic. However, the Ghibli finish (panel fit, hood adjustment, trim) is nowhere near the level of Porsche. To be honest, it's not up to the level of Honda, but that's something I am willing to live with. Sighting down the car, the flaws are a bit ridiculous for a modern car.

For performance, I really enjoy the Ghibli, and since my 1/4 mile times don't matter when I drop my son off to school, enjoyment is what matters so I don't care which car "actually" performs better. I do find the Ghibli transmission in the wrong gear at low speeds, especially on an incline, but that's pretty common with autos and I have now become accustomed to an occasional manual shift.
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As a consequence, it is highly likely I will take the plunge and join you guys as a ghibli owner![/QUOTE]

Great choice. The Panamera is a great handling car but the ridicules overdone buttons and controls were a turn-off. The paddle shifters were in the way. Not a friendly car ergonomically. Great looking car but I think the Ghibli is even better looking. Despite the Ghiblis often overstated flaws it is a great performer and has eye-catching, yet understated styling. I am very happy I selected it and I think you will too.
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Excellent comparison but heres the deal, if you get the Pan with all its bells and whistles the car is freaking expensive, and they dont even offer great pricing options.

Apart from that fact, the main reason for buying the Maser is the exclusivity. A Porsche is a Porsche, 10000 other German cars along with Porsche. What Maser brings to the table is the exclusivity, that uniqueness and being in a uncharted territory and that touch of being Italian and who can forget that Ferrari build engine.

Anyways.. the final choice is yours to make.. hopefully it will be the best of your decision.
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The Panamera hasn't had any more "constant" changes than any other car. One facelift, then after around 7 years, a new model. The Ghibli will also get a facelift in 2-3 years, then be replaced thereafter.

Having driven the entry level versions of both, the Panamera is in a higher class than the Ghibli, when it comes down to it. Now talking SQ4 vs a Base Panamera and it starts getting more interesting, but prices start getting a lot more comparable.

Interior wise, it's no contest, IMO, the Panamera is top notch while the Ghibli to me feels like a decently equipped Dodge or Chrysler (which gets better "equipped" as you add more features and nicer surfaces to it, etc.) and even if I were to or do get a Ghibli at any point, I know it'd be hard to ignore that aspect.
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Exterior shape/styling is obviously very personal but to me the Panamera rules itself out of contention on that alone.

The beauty and the beast.
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I also liked the panamera very much, but the price and exclusivity let me choose for the Ghibli.
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On straight visual appearance:
The Pany looks like they stretched out a 911 to get the extra rear doors. The Ghibli has a better flow to the design to acquire the rear doors.

Transmission: yes PDK hands down

Exhaust Note: Sports Mode Ghibli

Reliability: Sure-the Pany

Engine: Ferrari-built TT

Personal Taste: Italian over German
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IMO although the Panamera is correctly acknowledged as a wonderful car to drive and it has a 'pedigreed' (is that even a word?) interior there can be no dispute that from the side and rear the car is just ugly.

It's length and lines have the same visual impact as the Bimmer Gran Coupe and perhaps even the new QP - they just 'miss' .

The ghibli is truly a beautiful car, but early owners will suffer I am sure 'Italian Car' growing pains. I like the fact the interior is less laden/sophisticated as compared to Teutonic cars these days - don't forget previous generations of German cars including Porsche 911/Audi tended towards the Spartan

Whichever car you choose enjoy it and recognize how fortunate you are to be having a discussion about cars in this price range.

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I agree ,Panamera out because of looks.
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