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it should be very smooth.
pirelli tires, in my experience, flat spot a good bit.
i'd venture to say the road force is high, as that is usually what contribute most to vibrations.
you should be able to get a printout of the roadforces as measured. the fix would be to spin the tire on the wheel to hopefully balance out with a better spot on the wheel.

an alternative solution to attempt, if you have the capability to lift all 4 tires off the ground...
deflate to 15psi, drive some miles to heat them up (carefully as the car can be squishy and unpredictable depending on surface, definitely won't handle like normal) try to stop as little as possible, lift it up off the ground on return, inflate the tires to about 50psi or max sidewall pressure and let it sit over night to cool. reset pressures to normal 32psi and hope it improved.
this is the only way i know of that MAY alleviate any flat spots.
this won't address any hard spots from manufacture.
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