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  • timwebb ·

    I wonder if you have come across the same situation that i find myself in?

    i have 2017 3 litre diesel Levante, 10k , with a seized engine.

    High speed driving, followed by tight corning, resulted in a knocking noise and sudden stop.

    People tell me this could be an oil pump surge/failure and crack damage.

    Very unfortunately Maserati are not going to cover this under warranty as they say i haven't serviced in accordance with their schedules, i am therefore very worried and trying to research similar situations

    Any advice gratefully received

    Thanks in advance
    Mark Woodburn ·
    looking for a new car for the wife
    saw your handle on the infiniti QX80 forums
    do you have one?
    if so what year, and what kinda deal did you get
    was looking at the limited one, but 90K is a bit hefty for the add-on's if offers, especially since this will be wife daily driver and kid-hauler
    KenAllwine ·

    I just wanted to drop a line to you and give you my sincerest thank you! I have talked to a few additional Ghibli owners that would like to have the same treatment done.

    I see from the conversations below that Dan from Charlotte has already talked to you about it. Also a gentleman from the Malvern area contacted me that I will be doing a full GTechniq job on his Rosso Folgore Ghibli and his wife's Escalade.

    Thanks again and have a great day!

    Very Best Regards,
    Ken Allwine
    dhughes ·
    I will certainly let you know if I am headed up that way. I do believe he is a rare find. I believe it will be worth the trip. I am sure he will provide advice how to keep the car up as well.
    dhughes ·
    Too funny BeerGuy! Ken told me to look out for you on this forum. Your car looks great. Ken did a fantastic job on it. I am actually considering driving up from Charlotte to have Ken detail it. My car is identical except for the wheels. I wanted your wheels, but this car had the 19" Proteo and it had grey calipers. They are having the calipers powder coated red for me and maintaining the white Maserati lettering on them. The wheels still look great.
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