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  • HarvardLlama ·
    Hey I'm curious if our Ghiblis' turbocharger units are a "labor intensive" process to remove/replace.
    I've seen an episode on turbodynamics where they tune a Ghibli to go 200+ MPH.

    It appears our twin turbos are bolted directly to the exhaust manifolds (one per 3 cylinder banks).

    I ask because my car is in the shop for an actuator rattle, and I'm quite concerned it's going under "surgery" with less than 600 miles on the odometer.

    It's just a matter of lifting the car, removing the underbody shield, and unbolting the turbo units from the exhaust mainfold, correct?
    Or is the more work involved (and room for error).

    Let me know. I'm in your area so perhaps in the future could hire you as my mechanic ;)
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