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  1. Maserati Ghibli Cars
    MORE PICS COMING Probably the top 2 or 3 mintenanced cars in the country and the lowest priced Ghibli SQ4 online! 108,350 miles..More Pics coming*Don't let the mileage fool you. No accidents! Never smoked in! This car has been kept in top shape and has full V6 TWIN TURBO 404 horse power! ALL...
    $17,500 USD
  2. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Video Hello, I didn’t used my 2015 Ghibli for two weeks and I found the battery dead. I bought a Ctek Xms 5.0 and this morning I put the car battery on charge. After a few hours I came back to check and the led on the Ctek were okay but a weird noise was coming from the front of the car, like...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    It really feels awesome when driving! 2.0T plus 48v engine it was my originally chosen for this new system exactly! Also love the sound of it very much, i think will always preferred to use this car ;)
  4. Introductions
    Hey guys, Im Oliver. Nice to be in the forum of Ghibli models I like. Looking forward to discussing all things Ghibli with you all!!!
  5. Exterior
    I'm thinking of buying a Ghibli but I'm stuck on which color to choose, can you guys give any good advice?
  6. Maserati Ghibli Parts & Accessories
    Selling my JB4 with the added phone connector to run the system through the phone instead of the dash. I believe you will need to purchase the app for 27.99. I have used this for about 2.5 years and about 10k miles. Let me know if interested. 450 OBO
    $450 USD
  7. Maserati Ghibli General Discussion
    Hi, my car is showing this engine symbol with yellow colour while I’m driving, but can’t notice any issue with performance or drive. I bought it recently and has like 3.5k miles on it. Is this something I should worry about or what to do to check if theres an issue
  8. Engine and Technical Discussion
    I spoke to my local dealer, they apparently now sell these as a kit and the kit is located in Milan, Italy. That being said does anyone know of an aftermarket source? Or potentially the Chrysler part numbers for these? I will need the full set/all of the guides and tensioner/actuators. Thanks...
  9. Purchasing and Orders
    Hello everyone. I want honest opinions here. I’ve had conflicting opinions from videos I’ve watched about mileage and from people who don’t own a Maserati 🙄. I’m thinking about purchasing a 2014 Ghibli SQ4 but it has a little over 60K miles. Services are up to date & kept in good condition but...
  10. Maserati Ghibli General Discussion
    My ghibli 2017 doesn't work and shows vehicle not in park and it didn't shows P Does anybody knows the reason and how to start it
  11. Maserati Ghibli Cars
    Ghibli 3.0 V6 Petrol. In the great colour combination of Grigio Grey with black leather and piano black trim. Demo + 1 previous owner. Full Maserati history, last serviced Nov 2020 so 1 year before service. Been recently paint corrected and ceramic coated. Immaculate condition. All the right...
  12. Maserati Ghibli Cars
    I have a perfect 2015 SQ4 all blacked out with peanut butter interior. I just turned over 45,000 miles all of the service is up to date and I had everything checked when I just changed the oil and put 4 brand new P-zeros on it last month. Garage kept, loaded, I just had it detailed as well it's...
  13. Maserati Ghibli Parts & Accessories
    Selling my bullet performance downpipe $1000/obo
  14. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Driving home today my Maserati started sputtering check engine late came on and car died and would not start again. I tried jump starting it and it would start however, as soon as took the cables off the car would sputter again and die. I bought a new battery and car will still only start when...
  15. Maserati Ghibli Cars
    Selling My 2016 Maserati Ghibli SQ4. $35,000 Firm. Fully loaded Maserati. GREEN title. Garage kept. Brand new 4 Perelli P Zero All Season Tires. Brand new rotors and sensors and pads. 20 percent ceramic tints. All Maintenance done at Maserati of Troy Michigan. CPO CERTIFIED through...
  16. Maserati Ghibli General Discussion
    I checked and did not find a topic I know a few Ghibli owners and i am astonishing that they don't know that they have that option Last Friday I've shown to a friend that have a Quattroporte, he has the car for 2 years and did not know, I saw that when he arrived in my house, as he is not tall...
  17. Maserati Ghibli Cars
    Good afternoon, Wanted to see if there is interest for anyone to take over my lease. 2018 Ghibli S BLK/BLK 900 Miles a month left Sacramento CA area $800 a month through Chase Pics on request [email protected] Moving from CA to Florida and don't see reason to pay for moving the car. Would...
  18. Maserati Ghibli General Discussion
    This is ghibli 2015. So my car actually got stuck on “please wait. Loading” screen on the bluetooth screen. Idk whats wrong with it i attached a pic. If anyone has any idea. Please let me know. I seen a lot about updates but the dealer check it and said that i have to change the module. Never...
  19. Maserati Ghibli Parts & Accessories
    I traded in my lease so I'm selling the wheels/tires with very few miles. Wheels are genuine Maserati stamped wheels, powdercoated gloss black. Includes TPMS and centercaps. No curb rash and clean barrels. Tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sport with at least 70% tread. All tires show even wear...
1-20 of 25 Results