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This week I got 2 phone calls which I had to share:

- The1st was to say that my Ghibli had arrived, and choose my registration plate(I'm collecting on Saturday :)

- The 2nd today was from Mercedes Benz UK. They wanted to know what car I had chosen to buy instead of MB?

When I told the lady I had chosen a Maserati, she actually got excited for me, especially when I told her I was picking up the car this w/end,
and totally understood why I hadn't chosen a MB(hilarious listening to a rival company egging on the opposition)!
Anyway, she did ask what else I had tea driven, & why MB wasn't in the running?
I told her MB wasn't sporty enough for me (but had also tested the BMW 6 series& A7). She wished me well for my new car and hung up the phone.

All totally comical(and a little surreal)!
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