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....2015 changes

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-Navigation and Blutooth become Standard on Ghibli RWD

-SiriusXM Radio and XM Traffic with 90-day trial

-All-Season tires become available on 19-inch wheels

-19-inch Poseidone wheels become Standard on all Ghibli models with All-Season tires

-New Standard Brake Caliper Finish on Ghibli S Q4 – Matt Black

-Contrast stitching introduced, available w/Sport Package and Luxury Package

-Front Laminated Glass Standard on all Ghibli models

-Rear Laminated Glass offered as Optional content (Q7QR)

-Optional Rear Armrest with Concealed Cup Holder Compartment, Illuminated Storage Compartment, USB socket and 12V power outlet (Q275)

-Updates to Option packages

-Base package name changes to Touring Package

-Painted brake calipers are introduced on Ghibli RWD
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The 19s with all season tires make total sense.
Thanks for the update. I don't feel anything I ordered on my 2014 would be any different than if I ordered a 2015. My 19 inch tires will be all season according to my dealer, my calipers I ordered are red, so a matt black doesn't affect me and the rest are not options I ordered I am happy with my choices.

My real curiosity is 1) that with such a great showing for the 2014 models did the price for 2015 cars increase and 2) did Maserati address the poor quality audio issues or software issues to the MTC?
Does anyone know if they have addressed the Premium Audio issues on the 2015 model ? I really hope they have.
I like the Neptune wheels that are available on the GTs.
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I really wanted the GT-S with the Neptune wheels which was my first pursuit before the Ghibli.

So much so, my daughter (20 years old) special ordered a beautiful new Nero black GT-S with Neptune wheels and Rosso interior for me for Christmas. Oh my, the car looks fantastic ... only downside ... it is a 1/24 scale model.:crying:

It was my payback ... when each of my kids reached 16 years of age they wanted a car, not just any car, but something special. So each Christmas I got them the car of their dreams ... in 1/18 scale models.:)

CaptCaveman - thanks for the update ... looks like Maserati is making incremental progress.
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Any changes in regards to the common faults of the Ghibli?
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