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2015 model tyres - Continental deal with Maserati

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Are the 2015
cars arriving with the new Continental tyres yet?

Continental Tyres -Maserati to equip Ghibli with tyres from Continental
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Lucky new owners! Had DW's on my last TT and have Merc exclusive size on my SLK55. Like them a lot.
My experience of continental tyres is from a decade ago on Merc's- good grip but wear very quickly.
Is it still the same?
Hard to compare on an AMG. Rears wore much faster,second set at 7k. Just traded at 14k with orig fronts with more than 50%.
Praying someone will make an all season in 18's to fit the Ghibli.
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Mine came recently on 19" Contis. I would be happy with Pirelli too, but not with Dunlop.
Continentals were available on the 2014's as well. But they do tend to wear faster than the Pirelli's
I had the pirelli's on my 2015 model, the same tires as on my S4
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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