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Hi folks.

I've just purchased a 2017 Ghibli in the UK, and have a couple of queries.

1. It came with the 'Business Pack' as a factory extra. Upon checking the 2017 Ghibli manual, I believe this should come with front heated seats? However when I click in the 'Control' menu I dont see any options? I'm not sure if this means there aren't any heated seats, or if they need programming in?

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2. The volume for music sometimes doesn't work. Not on FM/AM or DAB. I dont use the car much, but it appears to be random. When it does work, it's fine/stable. But I could drive to a local shop with it working, then jump back in the drive home and it won't be working!

I've read it might need an MTC update? Or a new amp? I've charged my battery up so don't think that is affecting things. Just wondered if there are any more opinions?

3. I've tried enabling the Start/Stop option in the MTC, and put the car into ICE mode. But it still doesn't cut the engine at traffic lights etc? Has anybody experienced this?

4. Finally, does anybody have a link to the latest MTC firmware versions? How do I know which versions are available and if mine is an old version?

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