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Driving back to MI from NY yesterday through intermittent sleet and snow. Temperature was around freezing and roads were just wet. Several times my Trident in the grill iced over and the ACC/FCW alerted as unavailable and refused to allow cruise control. I stopped and wiped it off which was a real pita. Even weirder was that one time I turned off the ACC/FCW in the MTC+ and it allowed me to resume cruise; and another time it did not.

Has anyone else had this issue and is there anything I could apply to the Trident to reduce ice buildup? Maybe Rain-X?

PS-If there was ice or snow on the road, I would not have engaged cruise. I have 000s of miles of winter driving experience, including white-out conditions and even a blizzard in central MI that closed I-96 (which I did not know, and drove it wondering where the plow trucks were).
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