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We should all know by now that the front brakes on the ghibli are trash, after having to replace the second set of front rotors after 7000 miles due to two occasions of hard braking that absolutely warped the front rotors I decided to upgrade to the Brembo GT Series.
These brakes are pricey but I can tell you they were well worth it.
These brakes feel just like stock brakes with normal driving, when when you decide to do a little spirited driving is when your blown away, the harder you push them the better the bite, these brakes are what should have come on the ghibli.

I only have about 600 miles on them but so far I'm extremely happy with the ridiculous price I paid for them.
Notice the difference in rotor size.
Stock 360mm, Brembo GT Series 405mm.

Brembo also makes a rear kit. I didn't really see any reason to upgrade the rear other than for cosmetic reasons.
Wheels are 21"
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