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Delivery Process

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Can those of you who have taken delivery advise of the quality of the experience and how it is different from other experiences during delivery?.............I am expecting a experience unlike my other deliveries and hope my expectations are not unfounded.............Thanks in advance!
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We bought our Ghibli last weekend.

The entire purchasing process was great - we didn't get passed from sales to finance as is often done...the entire process was handled by the two salespeople who we worked with when we first walked in the door. It was no pressure the whole time, and they gave us pros and cons on everything we considered which greatly helped in building our trust and putting us at ease.

Our car was sitting on the showroom floor so we nervously watched as they maneuvered it out the front door. We walked around back to where it sat and they synched up my wifes phone and turned us loose. They were polite, very helpful, and answered all our questions.

In fact, they continue to do so. We have been contacting them with questions since then and they have been very responsive. It is clear the two people we bought from plan to continue supporting us - and that is the BIG difference between this purchase and our prior purchases at other dealers.

If you're expecting all the employees to gather and clap (as I hear used to happen at Saturn dealerships) or party favors or something, that didn't happen to us. But we are pretty low key people so that's not what we wanted anyway.
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One thing I would do before leaving the dealership is look over the car, make sure there's no damage or anything from it during transport. Best to leave their happy rather than disappointed and having to explain how what ever it was isn't your fault.
My delivery was with Maserati of Washington.

My sales person kept me up to date with the progress of the car as it made its way to the dealer. Once it was there, he gave me a call and let me know that it was there. They cleaned it up and my salesperson took photos of it and sent it to me. I arranged a time to go pick it up, and he also offered to deliver it to me. I happen to be moving at the time as well so I needed the extra couple of days to make sure the garage has at least one open stall.

The car thus sat in their enclosed garage/work-shop for a few days, parked among a gathering of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

When I arrived, the salesperson lead us to the loft area in the Lamborghini portion of the dealership, so my kids could watch cartoons while they wait. My wife goes over to the Ferrari portion to get some coffee, and I go off to look at my car. The salesperson took his time answering any questions I had. I took a few pictures of the car at its cleanest state, with a backdrop of aforementioned Ferraris and Lambos. We then walk back to the loft, and the finance person came by with the paperwork. We signed everything while over looking a showroom full of Lamborghinis, where a used Aventador LP700 has a "sold" sign on it. I asked how much it was sold for, "over $500k" was the answer.

The kids pile into the back seat of my car, dirty shoes and all.

Overall, I wouldn't say the experience was surreal or anything. It's definitely several notches above buying a new BMW or MB for example. Everything was pleasant, unhurried, and comfortable.

My service experience had a surreal moment, but that's another story.
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Maserati Beverly Hills pulled the car up and released white doves as the door opened.

All joking aside, I only ever dealt with one person (James Bush) and since it wasn't our first purchase the paperwork took 5 minutes.


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I bought mine from O'Gara Coach (Maserati of Westlake). First purchase I've made with them. Car was parked out front because it was just delivered to them that morning. I was at the dealership less than 15 minutes. Already had my own financing so it was a matter of signing the paperwork and getting the keys. No champagne flutes. No red carpet. Just quick and easy.
Delivery was quite smooth. Quite similar to our Audi and BMW experiences in the past. The only thing I found surprising (though preferred), they didn't spend any time going over the features. They just told me to call them if I needed any help. Good luck.
My best delivery experience (other than the cars I've had delivered to my door) was probably a Lexus IS-F I bought back in 2011. They had one of those special delivery rooms with the car set up at the end of a red carpet and the nice lighting and they offered me a glass of champagne while going over the manuals with me. I was very impressed.
Back when I owned a Saturn when visiting the Dealership they would do the gather around and clap and sing I seem to remember,I had bought my Saturn before that happened.

I enjoyed how I was treated at my Saturn dealer but not so much with my post purchase dealing with the Dodge dealer in Vegas I bought from so never returned to that dealer

I should include I'm pleased with my Hemi Magnum
My favourite delivery experience is picking up the car from the factory Mercedes in Stuttgart and VW Phaeton in Dresden. I ask if it was possible from Maserati and they emphatically said no.
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