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What's up everyone, i have a 14 Ghibli i've owned for a few years, besides regular maintenance shes been great to me, but with track days, 1/4 mile runs ECU tunes i know i've been playing against the odds since i now have over 70,000 on the clock.
p0299 is Turbo Underboost A
p2190 is System to rich bank 2

a few days ago i noticed a little idle surge car still felt pretty normal besides the surge
it began to get more noticeable stalling on a few occasions but once i was driving it was ok
i assumed a vacuum leak. no check engine light at this point.
looked for leaks didnt see anything
I was due to change plugs so i swapped with the OEM NGKs yesterday
Went for a ride
shortly after 5 minutes or so i notice bluish smoke (oil) i would say alot of blue smoke followed shortly by low oil indicator and check engine light
engine sounds fine
i added the missing oil i had a case in the trunk for my next oil change i was about to do
came back home and now i'm trying to decide where to start.
When the car is idling i get blue smoke from tailpipes and also some from the right turbo area when the hood is popped
I check compression already and we're good there.
Let me know what you guys think and where you would start.

Turbo obviously sounds like a good start but is there a gasket or seal to replace or should i just swap the whole assembly?

Thanks for any input

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Hi, if the turbo smokes at the exhaust, it's internal seals.
Looks like you're good for a new CHRA, at the same time you'll change the gaskets anyway.
The turbo and exhaust manifold is one piece on these, much cheaper to replace the CHRA rather than the whole thing.
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