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First Wreck

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Well I managed to hit a pole while parking at the airport and taking a call at the same time (not smart). Broke the headlight and bent the front right fender. Will post pictures shortly. Took it to Maserati & Ferrari Collision Center and they told me $10,000 in damage.

Took it to an auto guy I know that does great work on high-end exotics and he told me $2,500. Couldn't even believe the collision center thought I would fall for that. Not even worth turning into insurance to risk any rate change.
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Sorry to hear that. Could have been any of us.

Keep us posted as this progresses...
Thats what happens, "OH YOU DRIVE A MASERATI....$7k more for you!"

Auto Body Nazi

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Sorry Dude! but no one was hurt and it is just a car............hit a deer with my 528i 24 hours after taking delivery so I know how you feel........good luck.....
It's in with a good friend of mine who has worked on all my cars in the past. $2300 grand total to do what Maserati told me was $10,000 because it's "such a special car and should be worked on by the right people." ALL cars are paint and metal, give me a break.
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