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The Autoblog podcast #369 opens up with a discussion of the Ghibli for 15- 20 minutes. Autoblog Podcast #369 - Autoblog One of the participants had a Ghibli for a week and another was at the launch in Italy.

They liked the Ghibli calling it he best driver's car in the segment but thought it lost to the others in interior refinement. The segment being the 550i, E550 and the S6/S7. They liked the UConnect system but thought it was a lower res screen than other applications. They made a fuss over Chrysler parts in the car. They said the parts were very good but they were recognized as Chrysler. (I don't drive a Chrysler product so it won't bother me.) They loved the steering wheel and paddle shifters.

It's worth a listen.
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