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There was some speculation about equal parts regarding the F160 and Pentastar engine.
It seems that at least the oil pump is the same.
That is interesting, because faulty oil pumps at the Pentastar engines, occur only when the engine is severely mistreated regarding oil changes. Then the sticking first stage occurs, second stage (high output/pressure) not reached. (Solenoid sticky due to contamination)

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So yes there’s a mesh filter inside the plastic housing but it can’t be taken apart so you would have to blow compressed air through it to clean it. I think there isn’t a difference in the actual oil pump as if you look on scuderia parts the same oil pump fits 14-16 Ghiblis and also 17+ Ghiblis PART NUMBER: 853065
I think they made the switch since most Ghiblis are driven hard and the thicker oil would prevent wear in high temperatures and also help seal any potential air gaps. Just not sure if it’s optimal to be switching from 5W40 to 10W60 on the older models.
As for the o ring holding the pickup tube in place, I changed it out but it still wobbles and doesn’t sit as flush as the 18+ pickup tubes with the reinforcements. The side without the screw also seems to lift up a bit compared to the side with the screw on the older Pump so it doesn’t really sit flush.
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Ok, so that IS a difference then.
But it still does not explain why the later cars MUST use 10W60, while the earlier ones must NOT use that grade.
I would expect the pump being more different because of that.
And there will be an o ring that seals the plastic part sticking inside the oil pump.
Despite mounting surfaces there, not being completely flush, sealing behind it will still be ok.
On the other hand, at MB engines, there are o rings in the oil pump circuit that harden out and do not seal anymore, indeed making the oil pump suck in air.
There is a mesh filter inside the plastic tube housing I presume?
Can the housing be opened and the filter cleaned?
For me, plastic parts in this critical area of the engine, is less desirable.
If I ever have to open the engine, I will try to look for a metal exchange, make something myself.
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