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Greetings From South Florida

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Just took delivery and enjoying my Ghibli..!


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Congratulations - she looks great. Blu Emozione is a stunner!
Congrats!, are those the 21" wheels. They look beautiful.
This is more bmw blue than bmw makes right now. Beautiful
Enjoy. Nice color.
Congrats!, are those the 21" wheels. They look beautiful.
20"Uranos, no?
Very nice ! Never had a blue car, but am really considering it after seeing one in person this week.
Now I cannot wait to get mine!! Blue Calipers are nice touch!!
Those blue calipers to bring out the brakes. Great choice!
Seems from your photo that they have good stocks there nicely wrapped in Maserati cotton wool.
20"Uranos, no?
Yes, 20" Polished Uranos....:D
It is Italian or Savoy blue; "azzurro". It's the same colour as you will se on Italian national soccer team players. And it is the same as the base in the Maserati emblem: the sea from where Poseidon's trident (the symbol of Bologna) emerges. There are few emblems more romantic and elegant than that; Alfa Romeo is another. I would, if I could afford a Ghibli, get it in azzurro or in burgundy or a very deep red. Amserati also sounds so beautiful to the ears. It is far more than an object or a car. Some get it others don't - and this is a good thing. I've never wanted to be in the crowd.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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