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Being 6'5 with long torso, I've run into issues this car-shopping time around, that's limiting me to practically a big fat "0" high-end cars (that I want). So far, the Porsche Macan without sunroof and BMW M3 (because it has a CF roof) are the only options that can at least moderately fit me properly, and most importantly, safely.

I have a 5 Series currently, lease is up right before the end of the year, I love it, but due to the moonroof and overall (lack of) head-space, it's way too cramped therefore potentially unsafe.

The Ghibli WITH sunroof is just about identical to my 5 Series, except there's an area toward the REAR of the Ghibli sunroof opening that exposes a good 2+" of headliner border/hard point, which is a safety hazard for my head. Which leads me to believe that a Ghibli without sunroof should free up at least 1.5" of headroom (if anyone has headroom figures without sunroof, please let me know, only figure I found with sunroof is 38.82). Other than that, I'd say the Ghibli feels somewhat more roomy for my head in some ways, and somewhat less in some ways (than my current 5er). I do wish the steering wheel extended out more.

So when factoring my limited choices in the premium space. I remember the Ghibli does *technically* come with no sunroof, although I haven't been able to locate ONE to sit in and test out for myself (space-wise) and there's no way I'd get one without Base Package.

I've called Maserati N/A and spoke to one of their operators, and talked with a couple of dealers who said they'd contact Maserati N/A, but it seems this might be something I need to push myself, and see if the right person at Maserati can give me a definitive answer.

Considering the M3 and Macan are red-hot, brand new and demand is outstripping supply, the lease programs are atrocious to non existent and dealers won't be willing to deal on them (they're usually sold before they get on lot and orders are backed up). The Ghibli will offer better lease support and MSRP discounting which gives it a leg up for me. I have mixed feelings on the car itself but in the right setup it can be downright beautiful and I like the relative current "rarity" of it. I'm sure I can fall for it.

So, I'm more or less ready to go for one. My vehicle choices are extremely limited but a Ghibli with no sunroof should fit me. Now just to get Maserati to customize the package enough to win me as a custumer.

Any advice or connections to Maserati NA would be appreciated!
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