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I bought a Rosso Energia. Why is this my daily driver?

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I'm getting a little frustrated..... :mad:


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Why is your car in ?

I bought the car on 4/30 and they have had it for almost a third of this time (not at the same time).

1. Dome light didn't work (ordered part and replaced).
2. Subwoofer issue ("fixed" twice and still is not acceptable).
3. Rattle from right rear door (replaced door handle). Still rattles...
4. Cover over USB sticks closed (ordered new cover, part still not here).
5. Saturday morning engine cuts out, spits and sputters, check engine light comes on and flashes. Dropped the car off Saturday and was told yesterday that it needs a software update for the ECM. Yesterday afternoon they told me they were installing the update and wanted permission for their Master Tech to drive it home overnight (I declined them that privilege due to the distance/mileage he lived from the dealership).

If they installed the update yesterday and the car should have been okay for their tech to drive home, I'm guessing something else/more serious is wrong with it, as I still have not heard from them.....

I must add that the dealership is doing a GREAT job as far as customer service, but I am extremely frustrated with the car at this point.
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That sounds terrible ! I'd want a new car after all the sh*t you've gone (going) through ?
Conclusion of Saturday's engine issue. It was not the software update (although there was one for my car that they did complete). The problem was on cold start, one of the oil actuators got stuck and dumped an excessive amount of oil into the cylinder. This triggered 6 (SIX) faults in the computer system. The fix was to clean out the cylinder and replace the actuator. Great... Now my 1,200 mile engine has been torn apart and reconstructed by dealership personnel. Nothing against the technicians, but a little disheartening knowing that this will probably result in more issues down the road.

This is very disappointing if the car is a late model 2014; what is the build date?

I am glad to hear the dealer is not part of the problem; what loaner have they been giving you?

Have you been in touch with Karen @ Maserati NA? You can complement the dealership's service and detail your issues, but I do wonder how some of these problems are not discovered at dealer preparation time - dome light/sound . There is no excuse for any Sound system issues - the problems have been known for a while

Good luck

Build date is 3/14, if I remember correctly.

White Ghibli for a loaner. Loaner isn't really an issue, but I'm getting tired of looking at a plain white car with base 18" wheels.
Must say these engine issues are becoming a little concerning. As I posted elsewhere I have also experienced the cough, splutter, check engine phenomenon, but mine was diagnosed as a spark plug issue. I believe another poster also suffered this problem. Now ssipes has an oil actuator issue and I believe someone in Atlanta posted his car would not start and had to be towed although what caused this was not subsequently reported. As I say a little concerning for all of us this early into ownership.
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