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This is a short instructional guide for linking personal settings to a key fob. The Ghibli Owner's Manual surprisingly has no instructions on how to link driver's seat personal settings to a key fob.
On page 159 of the Owner's manual, there is only a very brief reference to a setting option under Doors & Locks -> Personal Settings Linked to Key Fob.

After you enable (check) the above mentioned option under the Settings -> Doors & Locks -> Personal Settings Linked to Key Fob, these are the additional steps required to program the feature to each key fob.

Linking And Unlinking The Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Transmitter To Memory:
Your RKE transmitters can be programmed to recall one of two pre-programmed memory profiles by pressing the UNLOCK button on the RKE transmitter.

To program your RKE transmitters, perform the following:

  1. Change the ignition to OFF
  2. Select desired memory profile (1) or (2). The system will recall any stored settings for this profile. Wait for the system to complete the memory recall before continuing to Step 3.
  3. Once the profile has been recalled, press and release the SET (S) button on the memory switch, then press and release button (1) or (2) accordingly.
  4. Press and release the LOCK button on the RKE transmitter within 10 seconds.
NOTE: Your RKE transmitters can be unlinked to your memory settings by following steps 1-4 above and pressing the UNLOCK button (instead of LOCK) on the RKE transmitter in Step 4.

I found the instructions from a UConnect forum and they worked perfectly in my Ghibli S Q4.


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Thanks for the tip.
The Ghilbi print manual certainly can use some improvements. Not all information was in print copy and I had to go to the CD disc which had most of the missing information. References made by some to page numbers on forum do not match up to my manual so there must be different versions of the 2014 Ghilbi manual too.
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