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JUST COMPLETED dash removal for leather shrinkage Maserati ghibli

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I would rather slit my neck with a soup spoon than to have the anxiety of thinking about not missing one of those connections on the re-install….
To each their own .. I labeled each wire with blue tape and a sharpie and the wiring was not as bad on reinstall but getting it apart with no directions was not fun at all ! I hope this post can help one guy in need . It took me 12 hours to figure out how to get it apart and 4 to put it back together . Posting pics of it back together later today
I admire your ability and ambition. I do 85% of the work on all our vehicles, from the Maserati, to my previous Ferrari, to my wife’s Bentley, but have to draw the line somewhere, and the anxiety of wire looms is more than I can be reasonably expected to handle.

But, looking forward to seeing yours back together again and purtied up… 😉
1 - 2 of 17 Posts