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JUST COMPLETED dash removal for leather shrinkage Maserati ghibli

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What is that photo showing us?
It was only letting me download one photo at a time. I am installing my dash today and will upload more photos and a video by the end of the week.
To each their own .. I labeled each wire with blue tape and a sharpie and the wiring was not as bad on reinstall but getting it apart with no directions was not fun at all ! I hope this post can help one guy in need . It took me 12 hours to figure out how to get it apart and 4 to put it back together . Posting pics of it back together later today
Today was a good day !!!! I got my car back together and on the road for the first time . All is well except one thing .. MY SUNROOF STOPED WORKING … anyone have any tips on what it may be ?? HELP PLEASE ☀ 🚗 also does anyone have a 2017 does your trunk close with the button inside the car ?? Mine opens with it but won’t close and i can’t remember if it was that way before i did the install . The button on the trunk in the back does both open and close
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Thanks for the photos! First time I've seen the Ghibli dash apart like that.
You are welcome !
1 - 9 of 17 Posts