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'17 SQ4
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Thank you. I It's a '17 SQ4. To be honest, I don't know which options are standard. I know it has so many features... Some I'd never thought of making it a delight to drive. I did install the "Maserati" courtesy lights on the underside of the doors... That's really nice at night.

Sorry about the blurry pic
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That's awesome! I'm totally going to do that.

I also have a '17. white.. super common.. but has the Zegna interior which is beautiful.
Love the blue BTW!

Also, original owner was 83 and DESTROYED the rims (same style as you have)... I'm thinking about getting them repair, maybe just swap them out, not sure... $$$$$$......

PS Congrats on the '17, you have the updated uconnect head unit with apple / android car play. If you've got a smart phone, get a USB cable and plug it in. You'll wonder why auto makers ever bothered making stereos once you see it in action.
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