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I was shocked to discover such a modern car uses incandescent light bulbs to illuminate the trunk/boot etc and that very ineffective and use more battery than LEDs - why did these use a 100 year old technology for that? Oh, right, because it’s cheap! I am getting the LEDs. Thanks!

Andrew, this is the way Italians do things.

I work on an Italian Yacht (Chief Engineer) and every year we go to Italian Shipyards (I call them SHITYARD).

They are absolutely useless with new technology, their motto is : "We've done it like this for 50 years, why change? For me it's ok" Try to re read this with an Italian accent. LOL
This transpires in all their cars, and yachts.

But I must admit the Italians in the motor industry are passionate and seem to have pride in their work, in the yachting industry they are lazy and have no pride in their job. The only thing they finish completely is their cigarettes and coffees!!!

But do I love their cars, the boot light is the least of my worries. When I smile driving it.
Well, I know exactly what you mean as I used to live a few minutes from the Italian border. I own an apartment in Monaco and it is rented to an Italian and he is 6 months late on his rent - he works in shipping, oil tankers, and that business has collapsed. Sorry to stereotype, but there are truths in it. PS I replaced a couple of the red door lights (the ones that other drives can see when you are parked and open the door) - I broke part of the red plastic on both and had to use a little glue to make it stay in again - yes, an Italian job! Anyway, with the bright LEDs they look less red and a bit more pink, so I would leave the red door lights as is.
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