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Pennzoil makes a lot of different products, so your question is difficult to answer.

I went down the API (USA) vs ACEA (Europe) oil rabbit hole and while it's hard to get specifics, in a the summary I was able to find is this....
* ACEA has stricter standards, especially around how long oil should last. Eg: VW 500 00 says 15,000 - 30,000 oil change intervals. IMO - That's nutty and I would never do this on a Direct Injection, turbo charged engine.

* ACEA doesn't contain any of the friction modifier "moly" aka molybdenum. Lots of EU sites recommend adding this after the fact as it does exactly as described. Why it's banned in EU oil, I'm not sure. Pollution regulations?

For these two reason, I'm going to continue an aggressive (and my normal) oil change interval (6k miles, 10k km) with API SP rated oil.
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