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Hi all,
I'd like to "slightly" lower my 2017 S with Skyhook Electronic Damper Control. With the stock 21" wheels and very low profile tires, it makes it look like the car is more jacked up than if it had 19" or 20" wheels. The KW HAS Height Adjustable Spring System looked ideal because it uses adjustable spring perches so you can fine tune the amount of drop. But according to KW's website, it seems the fitment is only for the SQ4 - not for a rear wheel drive S. I only want to drop the car about .75", not so dramatically like H&R 1.4" lowering springs.

Does anyone know if the KW HAS system Part #: 25343012 can be used on the non Q4? Is there actually a difference in the factory springs between S and SQ4? I realize the Q4 system adds 150 lbs. of weight mostly to the front end. Is this why they're different if they are?
Anyone know of other options to lower my S? Not looking to go full bore with all out replacement coilovers. I really prefer to just swap springs. Thanks in advance!
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