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I replied to NJ Ghibli Driver in his topic ( MTC is Abysmal ) and I decided to share to all my own experience in a new topic
I've been doing some tests with the Voice command today
I had that voice command feature in my last 10 cars at least and never used it to be frank, but today I went around it to see what it does, I don't know all the voice commands, I've found a few like changing the Temperature in the airconditioning etc
It is not perfect at all, there is some staff where I could not make it work and it is in the choices proposed in the voice command like for example, change the source from SD Card to USB or Ipod etc ... I've tried many times and it says source was not found connect the source ( something like that) so all the languages I am speaking are not my mother language so not sure my accent is for something.
If you guys could try that and let me know if it works ( changing source UBS SD card etc with voice command)
Sometimes it is the pronunciation that can affect the voice command, but all in all it is not bad
In Google it is great too, but still that there is no function to go to AHA or DAB or SD card for example with the google voice command, but it is easy with the center knob, just select the menu of the MTC to select SD card and go back to Android auto if you are for example on GPS mode, the songs will appear in the upper part of the screen on the right side, and you change the songs on the steering wheel.
Another thing is, if you are listening to an SD card and on the menu of the SD card where you see the singers picture etc, if you use the voice command to set the temperature, it goes to the screen of the Airconditioning and it does not come back, I did all quickly so maybe it goes back to the SD menu, not sure.
I like to use google (android auto) for the Navigation in Satelite mode, where you see the street houses etc and it is quite performant, however, the GPS of the MTC is not bad at all, also the messaging WhatsApp is not bad at all I did not show all today on that topic, but still quite a few things you can do, for example, if you don't want to receive a message from a person while you drive, you can " block it " on the MTC google ( you still receive on your phone) and leave other people writing to you, and some other staff
I did not go in phone topic either but I've tried it and all worked perfectly, you ask to call a person it does it straight if there is a mobile or work or home phone with the same person you get the question to chose or you can say the name with the Home or mobile and it goes straight, you can see the calls done etc etc
I still very new to this voice command so I need some training on it
Another thing I noticed, in the morning I get in the car, and the song I was listening to the day before even on SDcard it still at that particular song

see a video that I did, at 7 minutes I used my other camera GH5 it is a 2 kg thing, so hard to do all with one hand and I like to focus manually so sometimes the focus is not set properly
Like I said the voice command is not perfect but does quite well, and to be honest I do all with the center know I became used to it but now I will use sometimes the voice command when I want a particular song or singer without looking for it

I did a previous video a few days ago but unfortunately, my camera GH5 was set at Slow motion and there is no sound in such mode, I just realized when I got home, but you see already a few things

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