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Which would you do?

  • Wait , make wife happy by getting this or suv later

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Good evening everyone,
I have had my eyes set on Maserati since 16, I would draw the trident and the grill of the car every other day back then. So fast forward 15+ years now have an opportunity for a 15’ ghibli sQ4 with 17,000 miles on it only because previous owner kept in garage. Florida this is common for older people to do so is what dealership told me. Dealership has a lifetime warranty included on engine , transmission and axels at no additional cost. 32after taxes and such. My first reaction is wow!! My second is the wife says car must fit the baby car seat which is tight but I could make it stretch. I might have to wait and save for the suv so wife won’t be too mad at me. 1) is this a good deal since 6years old car go for one of my dream car makes or wait for something better and possibly bigger space ?
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