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No doubt. Was just busting balls about Maserati offering “help”….

Maserati doesn’t sell cars. They sell the services to keep them running. Unfortunately, many people have more money than brains, and think a dealer service is the only option, because they’ve been led to believe there’s something magic the dealer does.

The only magic the Maserati dealer does is make money disappear from your bank account. There is ZERO JUSTIFICATION for $700 oil changes or $3900 brake jobs. You can do the oil yourself for under $100 and pads/rotors for less than $500.

Anyone OK with getting raped by the dealer, have at it, but not me. It doesn’t matter if I have a few million in my account or ten bucks, the principle is the same. I will not tolerate getting ripped off. You all shouldn’t either.
How do you do pads n rotors for $500? Are you using original equipment?
I ordered from scuderia and with labor it cost $1950
I cannot do it myself but labor was only about $450
1 - 1 of 16 Posts