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Well, I've added a new rattle to the list of many I've already have. Up to now I've fixed them (mostly in the headliner) with a well-placed thump of my hand. The only one outstanding has been from somewhere in the rear, most likely the center brake light surround others have had fixed. Will have that looked at.

The new rattle is coming from the plastic strip (the one with the louvers to defog the front windshield) that runs the width of the front dash, between the base of the front windshield and the beginning of the leather dash. Seems like the piece is just dropped in there, can't tell where the mounting points are. Simply drumming on it with my fingers causes he noise every time. Should be easy to point out to the dealer.

Any others have this issue?

By the way, I simply drown out the rattle(s) with engine/exhaust sounds!
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