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Novitec Tridente is one of the best aftermarket company for Maserati.

These are the numbers we should expect to get on our Ghiblis since its pretty much the same engine as the V6 Quattroporte. And the best thing is that its a plug and play system which we can take off whenever we want. 476hp is pretty sweet>:D

The NOVITEC N-TRONIC is a processor-controlled device that will be connected to the original engine management with the delivered Plug & Play wiring harness. The NOVITEC N-TRONIC is a ready to mount Plug & Play System which is very easily to install.

with 243KW (330 hp) 500Nm
performance: 282kW (384 hp) / 4.700 rpm
Max. torque: 590 Nm / 1.700-4.400 rpm
0 – 100 km/h: 5,2 sec

with 301KW (410 hp) 550Nm :D
performance: 350kW (476 hp) / 5.300 rpm
Max. torque: 640 Nm / 1.700-4.900 rpm
0 – 100 km/h: 4,7 sec at Q4 4,5 sec

They will also have a Carbon Fiber aerodynamics parts and one of the best looking rims IMO.
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