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Hi everyone.

About 7 months ago my battery died in my 2016 Ghibli and it had something to do with the stop/start function being enabled - long story short I had to call out roadside assistance, they jump started and recharged the battery and everything was fine again. They did some tests and said the battery was charging fine and up until yesterday all has been well.

But then onto yesterday...

The battery died again! So roadside assistance called again, and they jump started the car again, and tested it again and said it was charging fine, and they said they weren't sure why it had drained.

But I think I've found out what the problem is and urgently need some help!

So tonight I went to the car and saw the interior light was on (even when the car was off and locked). Had this issue in the past and saw on here that you need to flick the slider switch by the steering wheel to turn it off. But even though it was not in the 'highest postion' (where the interior light stays on) it was on. Flicked the switch down one and the light turned off, locked the car and all was fine.

But then I returned to the car an hour later and the light was on again! So unlocked the car, flicked the dial to the lowest position and the light turned off.

Thought the behaviour of the light was strange and sure enough, an hour later went back to the car and the interior light was on again! Opened the car, checked the dial and obviously it was on the lowest setting (but it was still on). Turned the dial up one position and then it turned off again.

So can anyone help me at all?! The front interior light is just turned itself one (for no apparent reason) not matter what the position of the dial is, and I would assume (hopefully more knowledgable people on here will tell me) that this is what is draining the battery?

And my second question is if I change the battery, will this solve the problem or will I still have this electrical issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to wake up to another drained battery! 馃槶

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Also, is there any way to disable the interior dome light apart from the dial next to the steering wheel (as I've mentioned that doesn't work) and when I lock the car it just stays on, and was still on this morning.

And secondly, obviously I've got an issue with the battery, is it advisable to switch the engine on and leave it in idle for 30/40 minutes to recharge the battery, or not?

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Sometimes it happens when you have a sunroof with a water leak that goes directly on the unit on the ceiling
do you have the problem while driving to or just when you lock the car ?

I am not an expert but for sure I would do it myself, 1st checking if the battery is OK, as it gives power to so many modules, if it drains a bit it happens to have that kind of thing coming up. ( most of the times what people think is a big issue, it comes from the battery, either battery old ( it comes old as we have the Start/stop that use a lot the battery) or people buy the wrong battery
Press the switch in the doom light a few times, sometimes corrosion in the contacts can do that too
If the battery OK, disconnect the battery wait 20 minutes and reconnect the battery ( make sure is full charged)
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