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Hey All,

I finally got my new steering wheel today (well new leather) from eBay. Wanted to share the steps I took to swap it out, sorry I did not take pictures or a video of it as I was doing it during my lunch break.

Disconnect battery (negative terminal)
Pull caps(covers from back of the steering wheel) off.
Unscrew the two allen bolts from each side
You'll need to disconnect the horn wire, (clip)
There are two plugs on the back of the airbag (yellow plugs)
You need to lift up the light brown clip from the back of the plug, pulls straight up, and does not come fully off.
Once you have the brown clip lifted up, you can pull the plugs from the back of the airbag and set aside.
I removed the button rack from mine and swapped to the new wheel.
You'll need a hex (allen) socket (size is 10) to remove the center bolt from that is holding the steering wheel on.
I had a torque wrench about 24" long it was on there pretty tight.
Unplug the electrical connectors from the wheel and remove.
Replace with new wheel and repeat the above steps in reverse.

Pretty straight forward. Just use caution around the airbag removal.

Disclaimer: Performing the above steps is at your own risk, and was my experience only. You should seek a qualified mechanic if you do not feel comfortable working on your vehicle.

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Thanks for sharing your know-how!!!
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I need to replace mine, I have 2 batteries, one in the front and one in the trunk, my understanding is that I need to disconnect the one in the trunk only, correct?

Also, what's the risk of deploying the airbag?

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