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Have a 2015 Ghibli, UK model. When I first bought the car, the satnav appeared to be stuck in a cycle of constantly loading but never completing to a point at which it was usable. I used this as a point to knock some money off the vehicle from the dealer who didn't want to the hassle of having to sort it. During the drive home from the dealer, hey presto, the satnav suddenly at some point kicked into life (after maybe an hour or more of continuous driving). Ever since then it was fine. Last weekend one of my key fobs was reporting that the battery needed replacing, so I had this done. The next day when driving the car, the satnav was back to it's previous games, it says it is loading, but never finishes , and after 10 or 20 seconds the screen flashes black and it goes back to the loading screen. I have no idea if this is linked to the new battery in the key fob or not.

I found a free means to update the uConnect system to what I think is the latest version, which I have just done, wondering if that makes any difference, but it does not appear to have fixed the problem. I have the Garmin update as well, however, I cannot apply this as the satnav does not load and hence you cannot access the necessary menu to run the satnav update.

Does anyone have any idea how to rectify this problem? I have seen the same issue reported on various Maserati forums with no solution seemingly found. Everything else in the uConnect system works perfectly, it is simply that the satnav is stuck in this cycle of failing to load.

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