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OK, So I'm moving forward with a skinny setup for winter on my 12017 S Q4. Current wheels are 19x8.5 & 19x10" rear.

Last year I had Pirelli Sottozero All Season. In the summer they were fine, in the winter OK, but I live in the mountains west of Denver there were a couple of days I needed to drive my wifes Volvo XC90 (which does have specific winter tires also). I don't like doing that ! I like driving my Ghibli. I needed to drive the Volvo because All Seasons didn't quite cut it and allow me to feel safe. Lateral stability was crap, Braking and accel were ok.

So here is the plan:
4 used early Ghibli rims 18x7.5" (ET 43) with new Vredestein Wintrac Pro 215/55R18

So in checking out Maserati Ghibli 2017 -
I also am using their fitment webpage
Ghibli Front - Rim & Tire Size Calculator.

The front's will be inset by approx 12mm (1/2") This I could deal with easily with a spacer. But, I may not bother. I'll take a look when I put them on. But the rears are a different issue:

Ghibli Rear - Rim & Tire Size Calculator.
I calculate they will be 28.5 mm inset. So I'll need at least a 1" spacer
Offset = (Wheel Width New - Wheel Width Old) / 2 + (Offset New - Offset Old)
= (254 - 191) / 2 + ( 43 - 40 )
= 31.5 + 3
= 35 mm (rounded up)

So I'm looking at a 35 mm spacer.

So who thinks I'm crazy :)
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