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Hey all,

New maserati owner here in South Florida. Wanted to post pictures of my smoked headlights and taillights in case anyone else is considering doing the same or wondering how they would look.

I've seen smoked taillights that leave the white part clear but i think that looks weird. The only thing to remember is that if you tint the headlights/taillights that will void the warranty on those items so if you have a warranty issue remove them before going to the dealership. I waited a few months to make sure there was no water leaks into them first to be safe.

I also have 30% tint all around and 70% UV tint in the front windshield. With the 70% UV tint and smoked headlights it makes side roads a little too dark at night so I will be upgrading my headlight bulbs to Osram CBB bulbs which are 25-30% brighter to balance it out. Also FL roads are all pretty well lit and very minimal potholes, so take your city roads into consideration!

Hope this helps with anyone considering doing the same in blacking out their car. Next I plan on adding black rims and doing a chrome delete (but leaving the emblem chrome).





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