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Tint suggestions?

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I am getting my tint done tomorrow, I have a black on black with 19" sport proteo, interior ebano trim.

I would like something dark for privacy but not too dark like a limo

I am thinking 35% all around except front windshield? Or 20%? But I have a feeling that will be darker with black interior.

Does anyone have any pics of 20 and 35 tint you could show?

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ghiblisd: what brand of tint are you planning to use and do you have plans on doing the windshield? I think you will find having a dark interior makes the tint appear darker to salayc's comment on darker than expected

I'm going for the UV / Heat reduction and without triggering my local law enforcement and/or pimping my ride. Sorry no pictures yet, but using Huper Optic ceramic70% on windshield and 3M Crystalline 50% all the way around. Griogio Mareata Exterior /Cuoio Interior.

If you search this forum there are pictures of different tint levels on the Ghibli. As you would expect we all have our preferences / different tastes. I also found different brands can add a different color shade depending on the glass surface.
I believe there is another thread on this, but for what it's worth I got 20%. I am really happy with the outcome. First, it doesn't look like a fish bowl anymore and it doesn't take off visibility at night. I always get 20% on my cars but it's all about preference between 35% and 20% and also the type of tints you get makes a huge difference.


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I don't know why it didn't upload two pictures at once.


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I did 35% all around before on my last car and it was still a little too light. This time around I did 30% all around and love it.

I feel like anything under 30% gets a little too dark at night when reversing or checking your surroundings and depending on states will pull more attention from cops.

Pro-tip whatever percentage you choose do it the same amount all around. For any premium car the front and rear tint should not look different or it'll give it a less aggressive look.

And I recommend 70% UV tint on the windshield and UV tint on the sunroof. I have it on mine to protect the interior when parked outside.


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