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MTC Navigation Mapping Update Information

As a matter of fact I called both Garmin and NavTech on June 4 seeking the same information as it is crucial I have current map data for business. Our systems are run by Garmin and Garmin uses (NavTech is now known as "Here, Inc.) as the actual map update company.

Here is what I learned from Garmin:

1) The OEM section of tech support (Robert) told me that the current version of our software is the 2014 most current version for OEM units;

2) The OEM units are only updated annually unlike small stand alone units like the Nuvi which are updated every quarter. Garmin expects OEM updates every 12-18 months (He thinks Fall of 2015) and our Dealers are supposed to provide us with update information when it eventually comes out;

3) The one time purchase "lifetime" update subscription is not available for OEM units in the Maserati, so any future update will cost us $$ :crying:;

Here is what I learned from NavTech (now "Here"):

1) There is NO known time frame for an update for the Maserati Ghibli, nor is there a current plan on distribution (i.e. either via disc or SD card) on any upgrade. As of right now, no update product is even on the drawing board and we will not know of it until Fall 2015 at the earliest;

2) This means that even the 2015 models arriving in the US up until there is a new release will be shipped with the same map sets we have in our 2014 Ghibli models;

3) The only current in stock update of any Maserati product is for the 2005-08 Spyder and Gran Tourismo and this is a 12 CD disc package retailing for about $550.00 US.

The site for Here, Inc. is
Hope this helps 0:)

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