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Hi all,

Posting my experience in case it helps anyone else out who's looking to buy a Ghibli with a warranty.

I've owned the car for a few months now and purchased it from a non-Maserati dealer a few hundred miles away so I never had a chance to examine it beyond a video chat. The car came with several issues, but it was still under warranty.

A couple of points here:
1. Maybe this is common knowledge, but the warranty starts when the car is sold. You can ask your local Maserati dealer to look up the VIN to find out how much is left. Since these cars tend to move slowly here in the US, I imagine there are quite a few 2017s still being sold with a factory warranty and no mention of it in the listing.
2. Overall I was very impressed with what they covered, they pretty much did everything and since some of the parts had to come from Italy, the dealership let me keep a 2021 SQ4 loaner for 2 weeks.

Here's what they fixed under warranty:
1. Both front seat headrests were loose. They replaced them
2. Piano black console was cracked badly, not sure if it was from misuse or a defect, but they replaced it.
3. Rear vent knob loose: replaced
4. My scan tool came up with quite a few codes and couldn't put car into park with message "service trans press brake when stopped key off engine to engage park": performed software update and cleared faults
5. Highway acceleration was hesitant, same issue and fix as described here: Engine oscillation/stutter/hesitation (Solved) -- the mechanic's notes stated he swapped the "boost solenoid valve" with another car and the issue went away so he replaced the part. Part # 287732

Not under warranty:
- Drive belts were cracked, they replaced them for $612 - probably more than 2x what a normal car would cost, I have no idea, but it haven't found a local indy mechanic to work on the car
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