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Has anyone tuned their Ghibli or a previous car with Wheels and more?

I think they are one of the first to develop a tune for the Maserati Ghibli (non diesel).

Ghibli S Q4 Bi-Turbo Tuning + F1 air filter kit

from: 410 PS and 550 Nm
To: 455 PS and 610Nm

Ghibli Base

From: 330 PS and 500 Nm
To: 365 PS and 580Nm

Tuning und Felgen fuer Maserati sowie Leistungssteigerung inkl. Auspuffanlage

According to their reply to my email it costs $2,100 EURO, but it's a little over priced IMO :|

I am still waiting to find out what FD and Fabspeed come up with. Since their tunes are less than $2,000 Dollars.
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